Bali & Beyond - 21 Days

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Experience Bali (aka Paradise Island)

Once upon a time we decided to pack up our lives, throw them on our backs and head straight to Thailand with one goal in mind, develop the ultimate trip. After dialing in Thailand we headed south to Bali, aka paradise island. 10 years later, we’re also proud to say that this trip could not get any better. 5+ feature locations, and the best of everything along the way; Activities, accommodations, transportation, travel guides – every aspect of this journey has been fine tuned to exceed your expectations and blow your mind, daily. See you at the beach.


After a few wild nights at our first stop poolside chilling in Kuta, and days spent learning to surf, to visiting the famous rice paddies and the monkey forest in Ubud, to sunrise hiking the Volcano Mt. Batur, to snorkeling in Nusa Lembongan, to what goes on in the Gili islands (Lombok) stays on the Gilis. In true BT fashion, we’ve included the best of the best.

Beach Travellers Bali Map

What’s Included?

Beds  😴

We have chosen each accommodation specifically according to the benefits surrounding it. From air-conditioned poolside in Kuta, to unique stand-alone bungalows on the islands – our accommodation picks will not disappoint. We are very proud of the places that we stay, as countless hours have gone into researching so that we can provide the most authentic and unique Bali experience.

Rides – See me Rollin’

🚐 🚲 ⛵️

We use a variety of transportation including fast ferries and private mini-buses. Each is a unique experience and has it’s own distinct element to it. We do our very best to make all travel days as comfortable and entertaining as possible. In Bali you can expect quick and easy travel days, taking full advantage of island life


There’s an unlimited amount of activities offered in each location. We’ve included the “must do” activities. This is your trip so it is 100% up to you to pick and choose what to do each day, we just provide the options. #freedomtoexplore

Included Activities

  • Traditional Uluwatu Cecak Dance
  • Surf Rentals and lessons
  • Temple visits
  • Sunrise Volcano trek
  • Monkey forest excursion in Ubud
  • Snorkel trip
  • Biking / exploring the Rice Paddie’s of Ubud
  • Yoga
  • Biking/exploring Gili T island

Available Activities

  • Daytrip to Seminyak / Canngu
  • Balinese Cooking Classes
  • Scuba Diving (PADI Certification Course Available)
  • Bali Language Classes
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking / SUP

Anything we’ve forgot? Special requests? We can help set it up!

You choose what to do every day… If you want to lay on the white sand beach and get your tan on by day, and go wild by night, for 20 days straight, then so be it. This is not your typical tour, this is 100% your trip. #freedomtoexplore

"I am so glad I made the sporadic decision because it got me out of my own shell and out of this country to experience something new and amazing. I was so hesitant to go alone and my friend kept cancelling on me, so I said "f*ck it, I'm going on to BT and I'm booking a trip to Bali and nothings going to stop me!". This was the best decision I've made in my life, thank you Beach Travellers for showing me a side of Bali I wouldn't have seen myself! See you in Thailand!"

Sara Kinney // Edmonton, AB

"You get to meet a group of amazing people and spend three weeks together making memories that last a lifetime. From surfing to rafting, visiting temples, and trekking up a volcano to see the sunrise, the experiences we had on the trip are ones you can't stop talking about when you get home. My friends are all booking trips for next year already, hopefully me too! Thanks BT!"

Yanna Sterling // Montreal, QC

"Prior to heading to Costa Rica my travels were limited to North America. I have had friends tell me stories about their trips abroad and their stories were always concluded with, you just don't understand until you experience it yourself. The experiences, adventures and memories can not be done justice by any photo, video or story. My trip with BT opened my eyes and made me appreciate some things in life that I can only describe by saying 

thank you! For the true experience of a lifetime!"

Mike Jacobsen // Tofino, Canada

BT never fails to impress. My trip to Bali provided me with countless opportunities to experience the Balinese culture; from food, to temples, watching people in traditional dress line the streets for ceremonies, bartering in the art market and of course the nightlife in Kuta. BT always has with two knowledgeable guides, who can answer your endless questions and provide knowledge about local customs (temple dress) and dangers (thieving monkeys). The trip went off without a hitch, and having a smaller group allowed for a more intimate experience. Thanks for another life changing experience!"

Kaila O'Handley // Edmonton, Canada

Airplanes / Flights

We are happy to book flights on your behalf to ensure ease of service, a one-stop shop if you will! Our flights include your airport pick up by a Beach Travellers guide upon arrival, and your drop off after the trip ends.  If you are booking your own flights all you need to do is book your actual arrival date to align with the first date (day 1). We’ll provide you with the hotel details and you can grab a cab and meet us there…easy!

Flights departures are from major Canadian cities and prices can be found after you’ve selected your departure date. If you are booking from outside of Canada please inquire about flight options after your booking!

*Please note that due to time zones and travel time, departures are usually 1-2 days prior to trip start date.

*All flight prices are subject to availability and may incur charges depending on the time of year and airlines.


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